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 Sell Your Chametz

Sell ChametzSince it is prohibited to possess chametz (leavened bread) on Passover, any chametz left un-disposed must be sold to a non-Jew. A rabbi acts as your agent.  All you have to do is:  1) Just fill out the simple form, 2) While preparing for Passover, store away your chometz and the utensils that are used with them and lock or tape shut these closets or rooms (as they are ‘leased; to the non-Jew during the Passover holiday.  Immediately after Passover, you can resume use.  Simply, use attached form, or submit form online.

Please note: All forms submitted after the deadline will not be processed.  


Shmurah Matzah

Three MatzosWe have limited amounts of Shmurah Matzah for sale for $18 per pound.  If you would like to purchase, please call the office.






Passover Guide

pesach-at-chabad_wide.jpgCheck out our special Passover Section on our Website with lots of Passover resources including Passover how-to-guides, Candle Lighting & Holiday Dates & Times, plan your menu, Recipes, Videos, and much more.

It’s all at


Passover Fun for Kids

Boy with MatzahIn addition, kids will be kept busy with the site’s multimedia activities and educational games. Kids can visit the special kids sections at







Ask the Rabbi

Rabbi Pesach Burston.jpgEvery question is a good question! Ask (Rabbi) Pesach all your questions about Pesach (Passover) and year-round questions!  Call 845-782-2770 or email [email protected].