Following are some dedication opportunities which you can dedicate in honor or in memory
of a loved one, while helping Chabad with it's High Holiday programs


General Donation

Services are free of charge, but donations are welcome
Suggested Donation: $100 per person

Please consider joining the Chai Club by making your donation recurring monthly.

To donate, please click here

General High Holiday 5781 Sponsors (to date):
Scott & Stacey Rosmarin
Henry & Samira Galler
Lee & Michelle Sentell
Eliot & Shari Meshulam
Mitch Wenzel
The Muhlrad Family
Ira & Karen Kanis
Sid & Jodi Hershkowitz
Gil & Phyllis Goetz
Diana Rogers
in memory of Jim Rogers
Guy & Limor Einav
in memory of Yizrael Arazi, Z"L
Siggy & Susanne Toback
Jack & Suzanne Berkowitz
Yisroel & Rikki Zellermaier
in loving memory of Dovid Tzvi ben Gadol Mordechai
Jay Deckelbaum
Michael & Jessica Cohn
Betty Grossman
Allan & Randi Silberman
Brigitte Glasser
in loving memory of her parents
& in memory of Jim Rogers

Ryan Don
Lou & Barbara Chanin
Allison Berman
Adam & Yasmine Kalkstein
Fr ed Hirsch & Hanna Molik
in honor of Rabbi Eliezer Hirsch
Peter & Michelle Sale
Ari Goldman & Shira Dicker
Steven & Anita Reich
Wendy Davidovitch
Dan Pleeter
Jay Miller
Claudia Bruce
Lester & Theresa Rosen
Meredith Johnson
Russ & Jodi Cohen
Carol Carey
Shelly Plansky-Miller

Jennifer Tetefsky
Alex & Larisa Zelenko
Tina Turso

Dolores Leibert
Igor & Marina Deskin
Eric & Becky Benezra
Hanna Schindler & Milt Portnoy 
Robert Firestone
Karen Ugell  Benezra
In memory of all lost in the holocaust and the survivors no longer with us
Abigail Dyer


High Holiday Overhead
Rental of chairs, lights, custodial etc.: $1,000


Apple Dipped in Honey.jpg

Snacks & Packaged Kiddush
$500 both days; $250 one day

Pre-Yom Kippur Snacks

Yom Kippur Break-Fast Snacks 
Diana Rogers
In Loving memory of Jim Rogers



Additional Sponsorships

  • Rosh Hashanah Gift Packages $750
  • Children's Program Day 1 $500
  • Children's Program Day 2 $500



Machzor (Prayer Book)

You can dedicate a Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur Machzor (prayer book) in honor or in memory of a loved one. Each Machzor will have a printed sticker with the dedicated names and sponsor (optional)
$54 each

Guy & Limor Einavin memory of Israel Arazi


To dedicate, or to make a general donation, please click here
or call Rabbi Pesach & Chana Burston 845-782-2770, email [email protected]