Following are some dedication opportunities which you can dedicate in honor or in memory
of a loved one, while helping Chabad with it's High Holiday programs


General Donation

Services are free of charge, but donations are welcome
Suggested Donation: $180 per adult, $100 per child

Please consider joining the Chai Club by making your donation recurring monthly.  We express our deep gratitude to all our current Chai Club partners! 

Sponsorship Levels:
Principal Benefactor: $10,000
Sweet Honey Sponsor: $5,000
Double Chai Sponsor: $3,600
Chai Sponsor: $1,800
Partner Sponsor: $1,000
Sponsors: $18, $36, $72, $180, $360, $540

Security Sponsor: $2,000
Michael & Jessica Cohn
Manny & Rachel Reiser
Guy & Limor Einav

To donate, please click here

High Holiday Sponsors:
Lee & Michelle Sentell
Michael & Jessica Cohn
Henry & Samira Galler
Ira & Karen Kanis
Siggy Toback
Muhlard Family
Jack & Suzy Berkowitz
Avgush Family
Eli Ram
Eliot & Shari Meshulam
Mitch Wenzel
Gil & Phyllis Goetz
Lester Pleeter
Judge Carol & Mr. Robert Klein
Steve & Anita Reich
Ryan Don
Janice & Brian Spencer
Peter & Susan Panse
Michael & Jessica Cohn
Manny & Rachel Reiser
Guy & Limor Einav
Andrew & Andrea Bari
Rozalia Chiporukha & Vlad Burovskiy
Mel & Gail Schindelheim
Kari Connors & Rick Buono
Eric & Becky Benezra
Yitzik & Chaya Taussig
Carol & Patrick Carey
Allan & Randi Silberman
Rochele Silberman
Robin Ostrow
Susan Borchers,
in memory of Florette Karp
Sid & Jodi Hershkowitz
Joel & Cheryl Margot
Schutzman & Andrea Klein
Melissa Dunlay
Michael & Vicki Ernst,
in honor of Michelle, Peyton & Lola Sale
Barbara Gropper & Rosbert Salzberg
Lila Feldman
Evelyn Hochberg
Les & Theresa Rosen
Karla Koenig
Manny & Rachel Reiser
Mel Schindelheim
Allison Berman
Luba Dentz
Janet Davis
Dave & Kate Greenberg
Elyse David
Dr. Ken & Kristin 
Sheryl Kerewski
Iury Chen

Perry & Shirley Scherman
Helen Sontag & Peter Ganga
Daniel & Ruth Edelstein
Harry Spiegel 
Maria Rabinowitz
David & Michele Dixler
Bob & Mary Ann Stein 
Stephanie Melillo

Security Sponsors:
Michael & Jessica Cohn
Manny & Rachel Reiser
Guy & Limor Einav
Janet Davis



High Holiday Meals & Kiddush
Rosh Hashanah Dinner - $2,000
Rosh Hashanah Day 1 - $1,800
Rosh Hashanah Day 2 - $1,800
Feast Before the Fast - $1,800
Yom Kippur Break-Fast - $1,800

Full and partial sponsorships welcome!

Sponsors will be listed here
Jack & Suzy Berkowitz 

Apple Dipped in Honey.jpg

Rosh Hashanah Snacks
$400 both days; $200 one day

Sponsors will be listed here
Lee & Michelle Sentell



Youth Programs Sponsor
$360 / $540 / $1000



Machzor (Prayer Book)

You can dedicate a Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur Machzor (prayer book) in honor or in memory of a loved one. Each Machzor will have a printed sticker with the dedicated names and sponsor (optional)
$54 each

This year, for the new building, we'd like to purchase 36 new sets of Machzor's 



To dedicate, or to make a general donation, please click here
or call Rabbi Pesach & Chana Burston 845-782-2770, email [email protected]