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Chabad Chai Birthday Greeting - Celebrating Chabad's 18th Birthday
Yes, please include me in the Chabad Chai LeCHAIM Greeting Page! Donation $36 - Be listed on the Special page in the calendar saluting Chabad of Orange County 18th Birthday!  


Please include my family Birthdays/Yahrtzeits/Anniversaries - $18 Donation (per date)
Name 1 Date 1
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Name 8 Date 8
Note: Yahrtzeits will be recorded in the calendar on the Hebrew Date (i.e. Tishrei 1, 5783 etc.) on which the Yahrtzeit occurred (unless requested otherwise).
Note: Birthdays will be recorded on the Secular Date (i.e. January 1, 2023). Check here to calculate and record these birthdays on the Hebrew Date. For questions contact Rabbi Pesach .
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