Jewish Women’s Circle




Take a Musical Journey into Your Soul

An Evening of Concert, Inspiration and Rejuvenation


With renowned Musical Singer and Songwriter

Shoshana Bander


Monday, September 26 at 7:30pm

At the home of

Shahla Gorovoy

178 Pine Tree Road, Monroe


For Directions, Please Click Here


Fee: $12 · Sponsor: $36


Enjoy a buffet of unique and sweet Rosh Hashanah delicacies, including gourmet candied apples, Apple and Honey tarts, delicious honey cakes, and more!


Program coordinated by Chana Burston


Please RSVP promptly

For directions and more info, please call Chana

782-2770 or email [email protected]






Shoshana Bander - Biography


Shoshana Bander is a singer-songwriter who has roused and moved audiences around the United States and Israel with her heart-warming, soul-touching melodies and breath-taking stories. With songs ranging from original ballads to up-beat sing-a-longs, she takes her audiences on a fantastic journey that entertains, energizes, and inspires with the joys of Judaism.


Shoshana is renowned for her appeal with audiences. Through her talent and depth of character, she interacts with the crowd in a warm and personal way, and weaves inspirational stories into her performance.


Shoshana alternates original songs with popular Jewish tunes, singing and accompanying herself on guitar. The California-born writer and composer of the acclaimed “Listen to the Light” (available on cassette); Shoshana’s own songs are quickly becoming audience favorites.


“Shoshana doesn’t just entertain.

She draws you into her heart

and leaves an indelible impression.”

--Mrs. Rivkah Slonim, Binghamton