Shmurah Matzah Gift Box

  • Reserve your FREE box of 3 Shmurah Matzah's for your Seder

    What we are offering

    Chabad of Orange County is providing you with 1 complimentary box of Shmurah Matzah for households conducting a Seder at home. Limit one box per family.  Limited to Orange County residents only. 

    Why are we offering this?

    In honor of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s 120 th birthday on 11 Nissan (April 12, 2022), Chabad has pledged to distribute 120 gift boxes of Shmurah matzah.

    If I were to guess what the Rebbe’s favorite type of birthday cake would be it would be not the one with layers of chocolate and icing – but the humblest of all cakes – Shmurah Matzah. Nor would he want to RECEIVE it, but to GIVE it. The Rebbe is a modern-day Moses. Just as Moses led our ancestors our of Egypt to freedom, the Rebbe leads us out of our own modern-day "Egypt" to freedom. Egypt is not just a geographical place. It’s a state of mind. We each have things that we are "slaves" to. Whether we are slaves to our smartphones, bad-habits or any other inhibitions, the Rebbe’s goal was to lead every Jew to break free from the confusion of “Egypt” to the clarity of purpose. As such, the Rebbe would distribute Shmurah Matzah – the preferred matzah for the Seder – to be partners in our Seder journey to spiritual freedom.  Chana and I are humbled to continue that legacy as the Rebbe’s representatives to Orange County and partner with you for this Passover mitzvah!

    Our Passover Mitzvah Partners

    The Shmurah Matzah distribution is made possible to our Passover Partners:

     --Jack & Suzy Berkowitz
      --Andrew & Andrea Bari
      --David & Michele Dixler
      --The Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan

    If you would like to be a Passover Partner as well, please fill out donation section below.

    Happy Pesach,
    Rabbi Pesach & Chana

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