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One of the very important precepts of our Torah is our responsibility to protect the health, safety, and well-being of ourselves, our family and community.  We therefore take the global spread of COVID-19 very seriously and are closely monitoring its threat.

We are doing our utmost to remain connected even during times of social distancing. We continue to serve the community virtually and at-home resources.

As restrictions begin to ease, we will be working within Health Department and rabbinic guidelines to do so safely.

Please see below for list of past, current and upcoming programs and resources during the pandemic.    

While our doors may be closed, our lines are open.  If you need to talk, have a question, or need assistance, you can always reach out to us by phone, email or social media.

The Chabad Cares Committee is also available to support anyone in need of company via the phone. Don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Even when we have to be alone, we can do it together!  We are in this together!  We didn't ask for it, we don't want it, but we can make the best of it!  Unprecedented times create unprecedented opportunities.   Social distancing can create family bonding! 

Make Your Home a Chabad House!

Rather than put it as we are "closing our Chabad doors" temporarily, I'd like to propose that we announce that we have "opened new Chabad houses in Orange County" - in YOUR home!  

I invite you to make your home a extension of our Chabad Center and "join us for Shabbat."  Invite your children, who are all home, without any "distractions" of sports games or other activities, to celebrate Shabbat together. Light Shabbat candles, eat a meal together and enjoy each other's company (without any electronic devices!)

During the week, I invite you to "join a Torah class" by browsing the hundreds of video and audio classes offered on our website

You can even learn life-lessons and inspiration from this crises, as well as read several articles on coping and dealing with this challenge on our special page on our website:

What I learned from this crises

No doubt, we all want this to be over.  No one likes the feeling of uncertainly and vulnerability that we are all experiencing.  

At the same time, I, personally can't ignore and perhaps even marvel at some of the life-lessons this issue has highlighted:

1) The Power of One - This global epidemic started with one person in Wuhan, China!  
2) The Power of Unity - This is something the entire world is dealing with, together.

Now, imagine we can use this in the positive!  After we get rid of the virus, we only need to learn how to have this global impact with positive things in the world!

Best wishes for good health! 
Rabbi Pesach