“Exodus” Brought Story of Passover to Life
for Local Jewish Community

The best way to learn it is to experience it.  That’s why Rabbi Pesach & Chana Burston of Chabad of Orange County recently hosted a community trip to the Exodus Show held at the new Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn.  A coach bus full of adults and children from throughout the county enjoyed the incredible show, which allows participants to relive the story of the Jewish nation’s journey out of Egypt over 3000 years ago.  The story is brought to life with live actors and multimedia, and several highlights include walking through ancient Egypt, meeting Pharaoh in his palace, witnessing the ten plagues and crossing the Red Sea.  At the conclusion of the show, participants are given the opportunity to roll and bake their own matza, the unleavened bread the Jews ate as they hastily left Egypt without time for their bread to rise.  “The Exodus show was really neat,” commented Brendon Pearlman, age 9, of Chester. “I especially liked the sound effects!” 

Participants commented that the show allowed them to feel as though they were living in Egypt during those times, and brought the audience to a new understanding of the Jewish nation’s journey from slavery to freedom.  The story of Passover, which took place so long ago, became a reality in the present.

Some group also visited an authentic matzo bakery, enjoyed the exhibits at the Jewish Children’s Museum, and shopped local Judaica shops.

“It was a great learning experience and fun all at the same time” Said Robyn Schucart of Bloomingburg, who came with her 3 daughters.

For more information about Chabad of Orange County’s holiday awareness programs, and other Jewish programming for all Jewish residents regardless of background or affiliation, contact Rabbi Pesach & Chana Burston call 782-2770, write [email protected] or visit www.ChabadOrange.com

Most of the group in front of the Museum.JPG
Most of the group in front of the Museum

A scene from Pharoah's palace.JPG
A scene from Pahroah's palace

Receiving the Torah on Mt. Sinai.JPG
Receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai

Krystal Schucart, left, rolls her own Passover matzo.JPG
Krysta rolling her own Passover matzo



-----------------Trip Info Below---------------

Special Community Trip to Experience

The Show

Exodus Painting

Experience the Exodus as it is brought to life in an immersive environment, with live actors and multimedia…

Sunset, Pyramid, Camel

…Walk through ancient Egypt

…Meet Pharaoh in his palace

…Stand with Moses at the burning bush

…Cross the sea on dry land

…Receive the Torah at Sinai

…Roll your very own Matzah in the Matzah Factory


An Experience for Adults & Children Alike!

Join this Special Community Trip to the EXODUS Show at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn

Sunday, April 9
Coach Bus leaving from

Goshen Location 1997 Route 17m, Goshen:  12:45 pm
Monroe Location, 845 Route 17m, Monroe (on top of Bank of New York): 1:05 pm

If parents cannot join, children ages 6 and older may join the trip on their own — responsible chaperones will be provided!

$18 per person / $50 Sponsor
(includes coach transportation, show, snack and dinner!)

No one will be turned down due to lack of funds


RSVP is a must.  Space is limited!

To learn more about the show, please visit www.Exodus06.com