Video 1 - DIY Seder

DIY Seder.  Video Description:  Step-by-step guide on the how's and why's of setting up your Seder plate and the 15-Seder-Steps to lead your own Seder. Plus: Tips on making the Seder fun and engaging.

Video 2 - Pesach Q&A with Rabbi Pesach

Pesach Q&A with Rabbi Pesach - Video description:  Why will this Passover be different from all other Passovers?  Due to COVID, Many people will most likely be making a Seder at home for the first time.  This video covers some of the basics of Passover as well as Q&A, including: 

  • Passover vs. Spring cleaning (without feeling like a slave in Egypt!) 
  • What Corona can teach us about Chametz 
  • How and why to "sell your chametz" 
  • Musts vs. Myths - which traditions are a must and which are not?
  • How to make the Seder easy, engaging and fun? 
  • How to navigate the tools and resources on our website

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