Shabbat Table 

Kiddush Sponsorship
You can sponsor the Kiddush on Shabbat and Holidays

A great way to remember or honor a loved one, celebrate a birthday, anniversary, yahrtzeit or any other occasion or just simply for the Mitzvah!

  • Friday Night Live: $250*
  • Shabbat Kiddush Luncheon: $250*
  • Holidays: Sponsorship levels vary according to each of the holidays.  Click here for the holidays.


To sponsor a Kiddush, please click here
To book a date and for more information call 782-2770 or email us.


*)  Kiddush Sponsorship Notes:

  1. Acknowledgement - All Kiddush sponsors will be acknowledged in the Shabbat notices and Gabbai announcements.
  2. Additional Guests - If a sponsor is bringing additional guests, the cost is increased by $10 per person.    (The $250 sponsorship level is based on a typical Shabbat averaging 25 people at $10 per person).
  3. Multiple Sponsors - In the event that there is more than one sponsor, each sponsor is still required to donate the full amount.  Proceeds above and beyond the Kiddush cost, help cover our budget, including un-sponsored Kiddushim.  Kiddush sponsorship is not just to cover the Kiddush cost, but a fundraising opportunity to Chabad and as well as a Mitzvah opportunity to honor a loved one.  
  4. Exclusive Sponsorship - If a donor would like to sponsor a Kiddush exclusively, let us know and we’d be glad to accommodate you.
  5. Partial Sponsorship - If a sponsor can only give partial sponsorship, the announcement will state "sponsored in part." Alternatively, there are other sponsorship opportunities. (Partial sponsorships do not apply to family simchas).
  6. Special Catering / Menu Requests - The above applies to a typical Shabbat menu.  If you have a specific menu or catering request, contact our office for a list of catering and cost options.
  7. Contact Us - As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!