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Fuel the Menorah
Year End Trip Match Campaign

$36,000 in 36 Hours
For 36 hours every donation will be TRIPLED!
Starting December 18, 9:00 am 

Chanukah Miracle:  1 bottle of oil lasted 8 days
Modern Miracle: 8 matchers are making $1 worth $3

 Be part of the miracle!  Triple your impact!

Partner with Chabad to keep the lights shining &
spread the light, spirit, joy and warmth of Yiddishkeit
not just for 8 nights, but for 365 days of the year!

 Help fuel the “Community Menorah!”


For 36 hours, you can triple you impact!
Thanks to our generous matchers, every dollar you donate will be TRIPLED!

  • $1,800 grows into $5,400!
  • $1000 grows into $3,000!
  • $180 grows into $540!
  • $100 grows into $300!
  • $54 grows into $162!
  • $36 grows into $108
  • $18 grows into $54

 Methods of Giving:

  • Credit Card - Choose the "Credit Card" option and your donation will be processed and featured right away
  • Check - Choose the "Check" option. Your donation will be featured right away. Then please mail check to: Chabad of Orange County, 1170 Route 17m, Suite 1, Chester, NY 10918.
  • Other - To make a pledge over the phone or notify us of a check or another method, call us at 845-782-2770.

 This campaign is to help cover Chabad's annual operating budget
Chabad Centers are not funded by Chabad Headquarters;
each center is fully responsible to raise its own budget.

Chabad of Orange County is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization.  and all contributions to it are tax deductible

To Donate to this campaign, please


Please note: This campaign is exclusively for Chabad's annual operating budget, not the building campaign. It's imperative that even while raising funds for the building, we maintain and sustain our operating budget.