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Dear Friend,

As you think about your end of year contributions, please consider partnering with Chabad of Orange County by making a year-end gift.  Thanks to you, your support enables us to keep the flame of Yiddishkeit burning bright in Orange County!

Thanks to our generous matchers,  for 36 hours only, starting December 18th, all donations will be tripled!  Each dollar you donate will be worth 3!  $1=$3!  

When Gene from Chester turned to Chabad in time of need in the hospital… 
Chabad said YES.

When teens turned to Chabad for guidance and support after the tragic passing of a classmate…
Chabad said YES.

When Michelle from Monroe turned to Chabad in need of Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons for her children…     
Chabad said YES.

When Miriam from Goshen turned to Chabad for a welcoming place join for the High Holidays…  
Chabad said YES.

When Mike from Warwick turned to Chabad to join a weekly Kabbalah class…         
Chabad said YES.

When John & Marie Claire from Montgomery turned to Chabad for guidance on Jewish marriage…          
Chabad said YES.

When Jill from Washingtonville turned to Chabad for a fun and educational Hebrew School for her children…
Chabad said YES.

Throughout the year hundreds of people turn to Chabad for quality Jewish programming, social services and lifecycle events.  Chabad lovingly responds, regardless and of background, affiliation, observance, age or financial capabilities and says YES!

Now, at this time of giving, Chabad is turning to you to support our year end campaign, with the goal to raise $36,000 before December 31…  Will you say YES to Chabad?

Jewish life depends on the people who say YES.  Because of your support, we can say YES and continue our vital activities that inspire the Jewish future.  Your partnership will make a real impact!  Chabad Centers are not funded by Chabad Headquarters; we are completely responsible to raise all of the funds to cover our operations.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship.

With gratitude,
Rabbi Pesach & Chana Burston

P.S. Your contribution is tax-deductible and may relieve your taxable liability for 2018.  In addition, you also get the benefit of doing a mitzvah!

To make a donation on the triple match campaign, please click 
To make a general donation (even after the matching campaign is over), please click here 


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