Following are some dedication opportunities which you can dedicate in honor or in memory
of a loved one, while helping Chabad with it's High Holiday programs


General Donation

Services are free of charge, but donations are welcome
Suggested Donation: $100 per person

Please consider joining the Chai Club by making your donation recurring monthly.

To donate, please click here

General High Holiday 5780 Sponsors (to date):
Henry & Samira Galler
Al & Tawnya Muhlrad
Eric Muhlrad
Lee & Michelle Sentell
Ira & Karen Kanis

Gil & Phyllis Goetz
Sid & Jodi Hershkowitz
Jack & Suzy Berkowitz
Siggy Toback
Avgush Family
Betty Grossman
Dianna Levine
Jay Deckelbaum
Adam Larson
Janisa Brunstein
Michael & Corbett Hoffman
Russ & Jodi Cohen
Tina Turso
Diana Levine
Lester & Shirley Pleeter
Allan & Randi Silberman
Serach Alicia
Moshe & Chanie Lazar
Les & Theresa Rosen
The Siedler Family
Stacey Finkelstein
Brigitte Glasser
Diana Rogers
Steven & Anita Reich 
Michael & Jessica Cohn
Adam & Yasmine Kalkstein
Jake & Lisa Ehrenreich
Robin Ostrow

Ryan Don
David Greenberg
Mike & Miriam Munzer
Jay Miller
Yakov & Alla Rotshteyn

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Rosh Hashanah Community Dinner
Rosh Hashanah Eve 
Dinner by Reservation Only. Click here to RSVP

Ira & Karen Kanis
Jack & Suzy Berkowitz
Sid & Jodi Hershkowitz
Siggy & Susanne Toback
Les & Theresa Rosen
Avgush Family
Janisa Brunstein

Kiddush Sponsorships

A dedication sign will be posted on the buffet with the names of those you wish to honor and/ memorialize, and the sponsor (optional).

Rosh Hashanah Day I
Lee & Michelle Sentell

Sponsored in part by:
Stacey Finkelstein
Brigitte Glasser -
in memory of Rivkah bat Sultana

Rosh Hashanah Day II

FEAST before the FEAST
Pre Yom Kippur Dinner
Ira & Karen Kanis 
Eric Muhlrad
Janisa Brunstein

Yom Kippur Break-Fast
Diana Rogers - in memory of Jim Rogers
Brigitte Glasser -
in memory of Jim Rogers


Banquet Hall Rental Dedication

  • Complete Sponsor: $2500
  • Rosh Hashanah Eve $400
  • Rosh Hashanah Day 1 $400
  • Rosh Hashanah Day 2 $400
  • Yom Kippur Eve $400
  • Yom Kippur Day $400

Sponsors (to date):


Machzor (Prayer Book)

You can dedicate a Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur Machzor (prayer book) in honor or in memory of a loved one. Each Machzor will have a printed sticker with the dedicated names and sponsor (optional)
$36 each

Stacey Finkelstein - in memory of Martin Finkelstein and Ilsa Roslow Schwartz

Simchat Torah Celebrations

  • Simchat Torah Eve - $360
  • Simchat Torah Day - $360


To dedicate, or to make a general donation, please call Rabbi Pesach & Chana Burston 845-782-2770, email [email protected] or you can donate securely online by clicking here.