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Chabad Cares

You are not alone.  We at Chabad are here for you.  Chabad Cares is a program dedicated to bringing comfort and assistance to community members during challenging times.

Chabad Cares is here for:

  • Hospital Visitation
  • Home Visitation
  • Bikkur Cholim 
  • Kosher Food Arrangements when needed
  • Shiva Minyans
  • Rabbinical Guidance
  • Get Well Donation Card 
  • Community Notification (via weekly E*Torah.  Opt-out upon request). 

A community is built on caring and sharing; not solely during joyous occasions, but also during difficult times.  In fact, precisely when we are there for each other in times of need, that it validates the times when we are there for each other in times of joy.

Rabbi Pesach & Chana BurstonDirectors
Dr. Ira KanisChairman
Stacey Finkelstein / Sheryl Kerewski / Anita Reich / Sherri Eccelston, Committee  


 How to Get Involved:

  • If you, or someone you know, are need of assistance, contact Ira Kanis via email or call (845) 782-5731, or contact Rabbi Pesach & Chana Burston (email or call 845-782-2770)
  • To become a volunteer,  email or call 845-782-2770 (Nervous about how to visit, what to say or do? Visiting guidance will be provided!)
  • To donate financial support, click here .  When a care package is delivered, your name will be listed in the card. (Minimum Membership Donation is $36 annually).
  • Donation Cards - Want to do a mitzvah in honor or in memory of someone?  For just $18 (minimum donation), we will send a personalized Mazel Tov, Get Well or Condolence card on your behalf. To send a card, email or call 845-782-2770

 2017 Sponsors (to date)

Dr. Ira & Karen Kanis
Stacey Finkelstein
Jim Rogers
Betty Grossman
Phyllis & Dan Dunitz

To be a sponsor, please click here 


Ira Kanis.jpg Letter from Dr. Ira Kanis

Re: Chabad Cares / Bikur Cholim Initiative

December 29, 2016

Under the leadership of Rabbi Pesach & Chana, our Chabad community has grown and become one extended family. We have reached the point in our growth in which we need a Bikur Cholim Program.  We have just launched an initiative called "Chabad Cares" - a program that helps facilitate just that. We are in need of a Committee.  If you are interested in being a volunteer and or a financial supporter please contact us.   

Feeling nervous about performing this important mitzvah? Don't be! We will guide you through the process!

To participate email or call 845-782-2770.  Thank you!




"Just as Hashem visits the sick (as He did with Abraham following his circumcision), 
so too is it incumbent upon us to imitate Hashem and visit the sick."

- Maimonides, Avel 14:4-6; Shulchan Aruch Y.D., 335

"Whoever visits the sick removes 1/60 of their suffering."
Talmud, Bava Metzia 30b