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Mr. Hollands Opus.jpgAbout the Film:  Mr. Hollands Opus
PG |   1995 ‧ Drama/Family Drama ‧ 2h 23m

Composer Glenn Holland (Richard Dreyfuss) believes that he'll eventually write a transcendent piece of music, but in the meantime he's taken a job at an Oregon high school. Though at first the job frustrates him, and his unconventional methods often draw the ire of the straight-laced vice principal (W.H. Macy), Mr. Holland grows to love his students as the "temporary" position stretches into a decades-long career — and in the end, they reveal just how much they love him back.   For more info and to view trailer, click image.

Disclaimer:  Chabad does not endorse the film. The views of the film do not necessarily reflect that of Chabad. However, we do look forward to a discussion about those views/values  following the film.



Chinese Dinner Menu:

Dinner Menu: Eggrolls, Sesame Chicken, Szechwan Beef, Chicken Lomain, Chinese Vegetables, Rice, Popcorn