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Needs Menorah Supplies?

We have Chanukah to go kits for you!

For a free Chanukah kit, including a Menorah, candles and a dreidel or anything you may need or any questions you may have about Chanukah call Rabbi Pesach & Chana 782-2770; [email protected]


Some of you may be traveling away for Chanukah. As you know, the light of Chanukah reaches everywhere and as such, we’d like to help you celebrate Chanukah wherever you may be.

If you will be traveling this Chanukah, please let us know where you will be going as we’d love to personally introduce you to the local Chabad shluchim in your destination, wherever you may be going.

We are sure they will be hosting exciting Chanukah programs, including, of course, public menorah lightings. They can also assist with Kosher food or other needs  — or simply to see a friendly face!

Please let us know by sending us an email to [email protected].  We’d be more than happy to introduce you!

Best wishes for a very a happy Chanukah!

Chabad Chanukah event directory around the world