Passover Videos
Below are a few of my favorite Passover videos.  I am a visual person; I believe that images and video can help explain and teach concepts more than words can.  Indeed, "A photo is a thousand words."  Please note that the contents of the videos may not neccesarily reflect the opinions of my superiors.

Enjoy & Learn!
—Rabbi Pesach 

Images of the Exodus
Fascinating footage depicting the Exodus.


Slavery Comes in Many Forms
Why do we need to celebrate Passover again and again?  Didn't we already leave Egypt?

We may have left the geographic Egypt; but we need to work on leaving the the state of mind of Egypt and slavery.  Our sages teach that the Hebrew word for Egypt is "mitzrayin," which also means limitations.  Indeed, we left the georapgic Egypt once, but we need to take the Egypt out of us year after year...

Have a look at this:

The Chometz Man
Yes, we eat matzah to remember that the Jews left Egypt in a hurry, so they baked their bread before it had time to rise. But why is it so important to not eat chametz (leavened bread), and go to such great lenghts is getting rid of every crumb?

Kabbalah teaches that matzah, which is flat, represents humiliy.  Bread, which rises, represents ego.  Once a year we have to "clean house" and get rid of any (negative) ego.

Have a look at this illustration of a "chometz man":

The Matzah Man
We can't mention the chometz man without mentioning "The Matzah Man!"


Who let the Jews out?

Google Exodus
If there was technology during the Exodus...

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