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Photo Album

Photo Album


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--Rabbi Pickle, 1.26.13
--Kosher Comedy, 12.1.12
--Havdalah Workshop, 11.17.12
--Sandy Relief Effort, Nov. 2012
--Talmudic Archaeology, 11.22.11
--Comic Book Rabbi 11.19.11
--From SuperBowl to Super Jew, 2.11
--Israel Awareness, 7.13.10
--Sandow Farewell, 6.22.10
--Lag B'omer 5770
--Practical Kabbalah Seminar with Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf, 12.3.09
--Cohen Family Haftorah Scroll Dedication & Memorial Breakfast 5.10.09
--Kabbalah & Chicken Soup (various)
--9 Kislev Event 12.16.08
--Great American Weekend 2008
--NCSY Shabbaton
--Munich Event
--Bat Mitzvah Club
--Akeida Clas
Photos added, to the beginning of album, after each Women's Circle Event
Menorah Lightings around Orange County
Mad Science Chanukah (Photos by Brian Pincus)
Sweets in the Sukkah
Photo Credits:
Goetz Creative Images
Yossi Greenberg
Brian Pincus
Photos by Rosenthal Studios
Additional photos contributed by: Lester Pleeter, Miriam Munzer and Stacey Finkelstein
To submit your photos, please email
Lag B'omer (Photos by Chaim Shollar)
Passover Seder (prep)
Purim Luau!
Sukkot Party
Yom Kippur Break-the-Fast